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Ira Heller is blessed with one of the great voices in Jewish music today. He is a dynamic performer, and a versatile, vocal stylist with a repertoire that spans traditional, classical, Hasidic, Broadway, and popular music. His mastery of the stage and commanding presence has captivated audiences around the world. He has also earned recognition for his talent as a composer and lyricist, and his songs have been counted among the most beautiful that Modern Jewish Music has produced.

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"Ira has a gift for making the most profound truth sweet and accessible, that can be enjoyed by everyone: Jew, gentile, believer, seeker."
- Governor Mario Cuomo

"Beautiful young man, with a voice to match...Very, very talented, has a great future ahead of him!"
- Art Raymond, WEVD Radio, NY

"Ira Hellerís ĎAguda!í is a wonderful audio display of the superb talent and enchanting variety that Ira offers"
- Nachum Segal, WFMU radio, NY

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