"Phenomenal mix of a Jewish young man today.  The voice is beautiful -
one of the finest.  He sings for his People"
- Norm Laster, WFDU Radio, NJ

"Ira Heller's voice stirs the Jewish Soul"
- Zev Brenner, WMCA Radio, NY

"His recordings are absolutely addictive.  A MUST for everyone
who appreciates quality Jewish Music."
- Roni Raab, WKAT Radio, South Florida

"I am overwhelmed.  Ira Heller is a terrific new star in the Jewish Musical firmament... He is innovative and artistically excellent in all respects."
- Berel Howard, WADS Radio, Conn

"Ira Heller is a performer who has the capacity to win over his audience
with a G-d given talent ... without gimmicks."
- Phil Fink, WELW Radio, Cleveland

"Ira sees himself as a bridge between Jewish cultures... His music appeals to Orthodox and Secular audiences alike... His sound is soft and soothing,
similar to folk rock, a bit along the lines of a James Taylor."
- Elizabeth Wisner-Gross, New York Newsday

"(Translated from Hebrew) From behind the bright smile emerges a classical voice,
clear and strong, while drawing from traditional Jewish sources...
Though from certain angles, he resembles Richard Gere, and often
has a sound similar to that of Barry Manilow."
- Oren Meyers, Iton Yerushalayim, Jerusalem

"(Translated from Hebrew) It's apparent that Heller didn't enter the world of
singing by accident... Heller is well studied, and his voice is simultaneously
both youthful and quite professional.  It's particularly striking to hear his
voice effortlessly ease its way up and down the musical scales."
- Music Review, Yom Hashishi, Jerusalem

"Ira Heller sings from a place much deeper than his diaphragm.  He is intent on
reaching people... His sound shatters barriers as he reminds us, in song and
rhyme, that we are all connected to the same source."
- Michelle Gould, The Jewish Star, Sullivan County