1. Im Eshkachech  Listen
2. Yimloch Listen
3. L'shana Haba'ah  Listen
4. Peace Of Mind  Listen 
5. Shomer Yisrael  Listen
6. Barchi Nafshi  Listen 
7. Boreh Yom  Listen 
8. Yiboneh  Listen 
9. M'heira  Listen
10. A Better World  Listen

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Shomer Yisrael

     On this album, Ira joins forces with one of the great producers in the world of Jewish Music, Shea Mendlowitz, to once again produce a cutting edge sound.  Much of the material on this album was composed by the gifted Jewish composer, Yerachmiel Begun (of "Miami Boys Choir" fame), with additions from a cavalcade of other composers, including Sandy Shmueli, Shea Mendlowitz, Dov Levine, and Ira.
     This album, which was four years in the making, introduced hits such as "Yimloch" (popularly known as "Nekadesh"), "L’shana Haba’ah,"  "Barchi Nafshi," and the haunting "Boreh Yom."  Ira also received wide attention and acclaim in the Jewish Political world with his song "Peace Of Mind," which was a protest against the Oslo accords, warning that they would lead to disaster.    However, as Ira always tries to do, he ends on an optimistic note with the rousing song "A Better World" (lyrics by Penina Klaver), with a hopeful projection of a promising future for the Jewish People and the entire world.