Part 1
Ira Heller

1. Uv'nei Yerushalayim 
2. Va'havienu
3. Shalom Aleichem
4. Mommele Listen
Moshe Stern
5. Uv'chen Yiskadash
6. V'lirushalayim Ircho Listen
7. Shomer Yisrael
8. Yibone Hamikdash
Part 2
Ira Heller

1. Yiddish Medley
2. Neshomele
3. Im Eshkachech
4. Al Kol Eleh Listen
Moshe Stern
5. Zochreinu B'zikaron
6. Chazonim Oif Probe Listen
7. Ki Lo Noeh
Moshe Stern & Ira Heller - Finale
8. Mizmor Shir Listen

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Moshe Stern & Ira Heller
In Concert

     This album was recorded live at Hunter College in October of 1990. As anyone who attended that concert can attest, the atmosphere that was generated that evening was absolutely electric. The classical Cantorial Artistry of Moshe Stern - who is regarded as the most celebrated Cantor in the world today - combined with the then fledgling talent of Ira Heller, provided the perfect chemistry.   
     Ira shows a great deal of versatility in this performance demonstrating his ability to execute Modern, Chassidic, Yiddish and classical music, all with equally impressive expertise. One of the highlights was Ira’s rendition of the emotional ballad "Neshomele, which depicts a dramatic encounter between an Angel ("Malach’l) and a Soul (Neshomele) in Heaven.
     The evening (as well as the album) concludes with a rousing duet by Cantor Stern and Ira, singing "Mizmor Shir Chanukat Habait L’David."