1. V'nizkeh  Listen
2.  Hashomer Shabbat  Listen
3. Tzadik Katamar  Listen
4. Flight 103  Listen 
5. Sh'ma B'ni  Listen
6. March Of the Living Listen
7. Ko Amar  Listen 
8. V'samachta  Listen
9. Cold In Moscow  Listen 
10. Just Believe  Listen

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Just Believe

     This album is the second successful collaborative effort between Ira, Daniel Freiberg, and Yossi Green, with contributions from Moshe Laufer and others.  One can already see in this album  the marked development in Ira's sophistication as an artist and performer.
     From this album, two songs immediately ascended to the top of Kol Yisrael's hit parade, "Sh'ma B'ni," and "Hashomer Shabbat."  Among the English speaking audiences, Ira's skill for lyrical composition exploded on this album with three powerful English  hits.  In the song "Flight 103," Ira makes a searing statement against international terrorism, while memorializing the victims of Pan Am Flight 103 (to whom he dedicated the album).  "March of the Living" is an inspirational dramatization of the annual march of young Jews from Auschwitz to Birkenau, symbolizing the everlasting vitality of the Jewish People, despite the murderous intentions of the Nazis (of cursed memory).  "Cold in Moscow," a rousing anthem celebrating the freedom of our Jewish Brethren from Soviet Russia, and finally "Just Believe," with a universal message of faith and hope.      

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Listen to clip from 'Just Believe'

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Listen to clip from 'Flight 103'