1. Aguda  Listen
2. Chiri Bim Shalom  Listen
3. Birchas Habonim  Listen
4. L'maan Yerushalayim  Listen
5. A Voice In the Dark  Listen
6. Aheim  Listen
7. Sh'mei Shomayim  Listen
8. Veho'er  Listen 
9. Sh'ma Yisroel  Listen 
10. Ki Lashem  Listen 
11. My Little One Listen 
12. Ana Hakel  Listen

US Orders
CD - $15      Cassette - $10

Foreign Orders
CD - $18
      Cassette - $13 


     This album, Ira’s most recent, was eagerly awaited by Jewish Music consumers. Teaming up with the gifted Yitzy Bald, Ira and Yitzy did not disappointed their fans. This album, true to Yitzy Bald’s trademark, bursts out of the starting gate with non-stop excitement, beginning with the title cut "Aguda," and the very popular "Chiri Bim Shalom." However, there is much "vintage Ira" on this album as well, with the transcendent "Birchos Habonim" and "Sh’mei Shomayim," and Ira’s touching lyric "Sh’ma Yisrael."   
     By popular demand, Ira added to this album his two hit songs from the memorable Ohel Concert 5758, when Ira introduced his legendary song "My Little One." This album contains the original live performances of "My Little One" and "Ana Hakel" as they were heard that night at Madison Square Garden.