1. Uv'nei Yerushalayim  Listen
2. The Promise  Listen 
3. Ani Maamin  Listen
4. Ki Hine  Listen
5. Sh'ma Koleinu  Listen
6. Or Chodosh  Listen  
7. Va'havienu  Listen
8. L'mikdashech  Listen 
9. Tallis  Listen 
10. Ka Z'chut  Listen

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Uv'nei Yerushalayim

     This album blazed some new territory in Jewish Music when Ira began his association with the well known, award winning Producer and Arranger, Daniel Freiberg.  Daniel's contemporary flare and Ira's versatile, classically trained voice combined for a very new and exciting sound.
     The songs on this album, a collaborative effort of Ira and the acclaimed Jewish composer Yossi Green, received a very enthusiastic reception.  The song, "Ani Maamin," a rousing modern rendition of the timeless words of Maimonides, shot to number one on the hit parade on Kol Yisrael Radio in Israel.  It then remained at number one for several consecutive weeks.
      Ira's deep sensitivity for the concerns of the Jewish People again prominently surfaces in his songs, "the Promise" and "Tallis."  In "The Promise," Ira captures the dramatic moment between a young Jewish man and his father , before the son goes out to defend his people.  In the song "Tallis," Ira emphasizes the timelessness of Judaism through an imaginary conversation with his departed Grandfather's aging prayer shawl.  The song brings a message of hope that is best expressed through the words of a Tallis that has seen and survived a century full of horror and tragedy for the Jewish People.