Ira Heller’s ‘Voice In the Dark’
A Message So Important, He’s Giving It Away
By: Jason Maoz

Ira Heller Says He just couldn’t take it anymore. The popular singer watched first with disbelief, then with frustration and finally with anger as the Middle East "peace process" unfolded and Israel went about willingly arming its enemies and surrendering its land. It was that strong sense of betrayal and outrage that inspired Heller to write a song best described as a true cry from the heart - one that manages to express the thoughts and sentiments of so many other, equally concerned, Jews around the world.

Heller introduced "A Voice in the Dark" at this year’s annual ‘Israel Day Concert’ in Central Park, where it instantly resonated with the audience. He told The Jewish Press it was the intense reaction to the song that convinced him he had to "preserve the moment, to make the message available to Jews everywhere."

The message is stark and realistic: The Oslo accords and their aftermath have not brought peace, but simply a new beginning for those whose goal is the liquidation of the State of Israel. During the past seven years, Israeli Leaders have been making previously undreamed of concessions to Yasir Arafat, only to be told it’s still not enough and even more is needed. Now even Jerusalem is being readied for the scalpel.

"Those of us who knew from the beginning that there was no real peace to this process tried to warn our fellow Jews," said Heller. "Unfortunately, a state of mass denial seemed to have set in, both in Israel and here in the U.S., and now, after seven years filled with violence and land giveaways, the evil is really closing in."

Indeed, the central question posed by Heller in "A Voice in the Dark" is - as his lyrics state - whether supporters of the "peace process" are "still so blind that you cannot see the evil in disguise." It’s a question he leaves unanswered, but the song closes on the hopeful note that in numbers there is strength; in unity there can be no such thing as just one lonely ‘voice in the dark.’

In the interest of spreading the song’s message as widely as possible, Heller has arranged for a copy of "A Voice in the Dark" to be given away free with any purchase at most Judaica stores. If the cassettes are unavailable in your area, or if you wish to place a bulk order at nominal pressing and shipping cost, Heller can be contacted at 1-800-779-3323 or e-mailed at

"All of us," said Heller, "who have felt like voices in the dark need to pump up the volume, to join together in a massive shout that says: The madness must stop."